Posted February 23rd 2019   Job Ref : 3266
Job Title Cooks needed for a fabulous music festival on the stunning Cornish coast
Employer IMS Prussia Cove
Job Description

The festival...

Classical musicians come from all over the world to attend Masterclasses given by world renowned artists and play Chamber Music together. The course runs twice a year, in the spring over Easter and in September. It takes place on a private estate, right on the Cornish coast path with a private beach below the main house. There are 90-100 people in residence all staying in cottages with views of the sea on the private estate. All classes and rehearsal sessions are open to anyone working for the seminars to listen to, and there are fantastic public concerts each week in local churches which can be enjoyed by all as well.


The kitchen...

.. is run by 2 professional cooks who are mainly responsible for providing lunch and dinner for the whole community each day. All meals are taken together in one large refectory in the main house. The cooks are helped by a team of volunteers, many of whom come regularly every year to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the seminar – a combination of some of the world's best classical music in one of the UK's most beautiful places and a chance to meet people from all over the world and from all walks of life.


The food...

..should be wholesome and homey but with whatever twist the cooks feels they can bring to the table. The cooks need to bear in mind that their sous chefs are all volunteers - some with more kitchen experience than others - so it is the cooks' responsibility to assess the strengths of the team on any shift quickly and delegate accordingly. The breakfast and afternoon tea shifts are organised by the volunteers so that the cooks can concentrate on the main meals, but it is the cooks' responsibility to see that food is ordered - and that fresh cake is made every morning for afternoon tea! There is a strict budget and it is the cooks must ensure that costs are kept within it.



Food is bought every day by the seminar drivers from the local suppliers in Penzance (10 miles away).There is not room in the kitchen to store more fresh produce than is needed over a 2 day period. The cooks need to prepare the shopping list every night for the next morning.



£500 per week. All board and lodging and travel expenses (within the UK) to and from the seminar are provided.


The cooks need to have...

  • relevant experience to be able to cook for 100 people every day
  • to work with a fairly limited budget and provide food for people from many different countries
  • to deal with problems if they arise, or if the exact supplies needed aren't available on certain days
  • responsibility to ensure the smooth running of the kitchen (which many feel is the heart of any community!)
  • the confidence to manage a team of volunteers with different abilities, who have come during their holiday time to work, but also to enjoy the whole experience
  • a sense of fun to join in with the spirit of the place - there are parties every night, highs after concerts and impromptu performances, and swimming in the sea most days!
Qualifications Requested The relevant Hygiene and Safe food handling requirements
Contact Rosie Yeatman
Address IMS, Porth-en-Alls, Prussia Cove, Rosugdeon, Cornwall TR20 9BB  
Salary £500 per week, plus board, lodging and travel exps.
Starting Date 28 March to 11 April OR 10 April to 24 April
Telephone 020 7 620 4405
Fax n/a


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