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00000| | Jobs for Cooks - If Chef is interested in taking 25% cut of profits on New Restaurant on Tara Street Dublin 2
Posted   Job Ref : JFC003426
Job Title If Chef is interested in taking 25% cut of profits on New Restaurant on Tara Street Dublin 2
Employer Greybirch Limited
Job Description


On Tara Street there's a number of (run down) retails units which Greybirch owns next door to a coworking space called The Tara Building. These units will be vacant for at least the next 24 months while we apply for a new planning permission, and so it’s our intention to set up a pop-up restaurant, catering for mainly Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat. We though to propose some draft terms to a potential chef who might be interested in taking a cut of the business

Some very high level commercials would be

  • We would pay for the refurbishment, fitout and set up costs
  • We form a Limited company where the chef becomes a 25% shareholder
  • The chef decides the menu 
  • The chef doesn't have to put their name to it (unless it becomes very successful and they want to)
  • We could operate it, staff it, look after marketing and do the admin
  • The business could agree a rent to Greybirch Limited, if it's successful and making money

These terms are by no means set and we’re open to discuss any and all ideas. 

We're seeing an increasing amount of Dark Kitchens being set up which are incredibly popular in the UK. Deliveroo have told us that Tara Street is ranked 'Tier 1' in any of their marked zones, which means that they can deliver to the most amount of people compared to any other radius in Ire.

We're looking for a chef to create a recipe that is a simple concept, unique, and would allow any person to be trained to make it. 

Qualifications Requested
Contact Luke Keily
Address The Tara Building, 11-15 Tara Street, Dublin 2  
Salary 25% of the profits
Starting Date 6 weeks from today
Telephone 0877384117


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