Health and Nutrition Focussed Chefs for a Boutique Farm in USA

Ohio, Malibu, Long Island

Health and Nutrition Focussed Chefs for a Boutique Farm in USA
The Bondi Kitchen

Job Title: Health and Nutrition-focused Chef

Location: A small and beautiful town outside of Cleveland, Ohio (with regular travel to Malibu and The Hamptons)

Job Type: Short-term and Full-time opportunities

Positions Available:

  1. Junior to mid-level Chef with minimum 2 years professional experience
  2. Mid-level to senior Chef with a minimum of 5 years professional experience


About Us:

Join our small and dynamic team where we celebrate the essence of fresh, seasonal produce.

We are a health and nutrition-focused kitchen that takes pride in crafting delicious and nourishing meals to the highest standard for a family who place great importance on enjoying healthy, delicious food. Working in close collaboration with our garden team, we prioritize harvesting the freshest ingredients to create menus that promote well-being and vitality.

We are seeking 1-2 talented and passionate Chefs that are interested to join a collaborative spirited kitchen, fostering an environment where culinary creativity and expertise flourish.


1. Menu Development;

   - Create innovative, health-conscious menus that emphasize the use of fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced and grown ingredients.

   - Design recipes that cater to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian, pescatarian, and gluten-free options.


2. Collaboration with Garden Team:

   - Work closely with our garden team to plan and execute harvest schedules.

   - Utilize harvested produce in creative ways to highlight the flavours and nutritional benefits in our dishes.


3. Culinary Expertise:

   - Demonstrate a deep understanding of nutrition and its application in culinary arts.

   - Stay updated on the latest health and wellness trends to incorporate cutting-edge concepts into our culinary offerings.


4. Quality Control:

   - Maintain high standards of food quality, presentation, and consistency.

Adhering to strict food safety protocols, you will ensure that all aspects of food preparation, storage, and service exceed regulatory requirements.

The highest attention to detail regrading cleanliness of kitchen equipment, workstations, and utensils, creating a sanitary and organized workspace.


5. Travel:

   - Regularly travel to Malibu and The Hamptons.

Ensure continuity with the overall service offering at each location.

  • Collaborate with local suppliers in these regions to enhance our menu offerings.



1. Culinary Expertise:

   - Proven experience as a chef with a focus on health and nutrition.

   - Knowledge of various dietary preferences and restrictions.

- Ideally experience working in Private Household kitchen environments.


2. Passion for Fresh Ingredients:

   - Strong appreciation for seasonal, locally sourced and grown produce.

   - Ability to develop creative dishes that showcase the natural flavours of ingredients.


3. Collaborative Spirit:

   - Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

   - Ability to work closely with the garden team and other staff members.


4. Flexibility and Adaptability:

   - Willingness to travel regularly to different locations.

   - Ability to adapt menus to regional preferences while maintaining our health-focused approach.


5. Innovation and Continuous Learning:

   - Stay informed about the latest trends in health and nutrition.

   - Demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and learning.


If you are a culinary professional with a passion for health and nutrition, and you thrive in a dynamic and collaborative environment, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

Generous package with benefits. 

Qualifications Requested
Salary expectation
Starting Date
Dec 30, 2023

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