Full Time Chef role for Cafe in Dublin

81 Morehampton Road, Donnybrook

Full Time Chef role for Cafe in Dublin
Happy Out

Happy Out has two cafés, the first on the water at Bull Island and the second in the heart of Donnybrook. We have become known for our coffee, toasties and friendly customer service and now, in Donnybrook, we are getting more and more popular for our weekend brunch menu taking inspiration from around the world. During the week, we are offering a full breakfast menu as well as our well known selection of toasties and we are looking to bring the brunch menu in all week and looking to do some summer evening supper clubs over the next few months.

We are looking for a bright, motivated chef to join our team. We cook everything in house so the role will involve:
- Working on the hobs for the breakfast and brunch service. This will involve:
             - Cooking all types of eggs: poached, fried & scrambled
             - Frying up the meat for various dishes: Bacon, black pudding & Chorizo.
             - For weekend brunch: Heating the Hash brown, sourdough Levain & Tacos.
- Cooking and preping the ingredients for all the toasties: Making pestos, cooking meats, smashing avocados, mixing cheese.
- Preparing food for the weekend brunch menu, this currently involves:
             - Making the Hash browns.
             - Mixing the taco dough and making the tacos.
             - Maintain the sourdough starter.
             - Making the hot sauce, achiote aioli & pico de gallo etc.
- Making our granola and mixing the overnight oats.
- Making batches of soup.
- You will also get experience running the dockets for toasties and learn time management and communication during service. With sit in and take away, this is crucial part of our business and valuable experience to gain.
- Ensuring all HACCP standards and record books are kept. Mainly for fridge temperatures, cooking temperature and deliveries.
- Maintaining a clean work area and organisation of the fridges.
- Having a good time, making good food, drinking great coffee with a great crew!

This position would also be ideal for an enthusiastic and passionate young chef looking for a path into the industry. We are offering the training needed to develop solid skills and knowledge in a challenging kitchen environment, as well an opportunity to progress within the company over time.

English is essential for this role

Qualifications Requested
1 Year experience minimum Interest in cafe/brunch food a must
Brian Hanratty
Salary expectation
€13-€15 per hour
Starting Date
May 30, 2022

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