Chefs of all grades for Maynooth Cafe

Maynooth & Leixlip

Chefs of all grades for Maynooth Cafe
Willow and Wild Cafe

Willow and Wild Cafe

Maynooth & Leixlip

Our Maynooth cafe opened in 2017 and has gone from strengh to strengh. And we opened our second cafe in Leixlip this year to a great reception from the local community. We have since realised we have to expand our kitchen team to meet the demands of both cafes. 

Candidates must have:

  1. Previous kitchen experience in a fast paced enviroment or the ability to get stuck in, help where needed while learning on the go.
  2. HACCP training and a good understanding of thier best practices 
  3. A passion for great cafe food
  4. Eagerness to create new menu ideas, and a drive to excel within your field.
  5. Good communication Skills

What we can offer you

  1. Competitive salary based on expericance 
  2. Daytime shifts only
  3. Flexibility with holidays and days off
  4. Tips divided fairly amongst all staff
  5. Fun and friendly working enviroment 
  6. Good food and coffee while on shift
Qualifications Requested
Kate Collins
Salary expectation
Starting Date
Feb 13, 2023

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