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Try to be descriptive 'Sous Chef for Restaurant in Dublin' is better than just 'Sous Chef'

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What should the Job Title be?
It is really important to provide a good title for your job. Try to put the important information into your title. Head Chef for a boutique hotel - is a much better title than simply Head Chef Required. Even better if you can add the location so Head Chef for boutique hotel in Dublin. This gives any potential hires the information they need to see if they want to learn more.
When does the job start?
If you have a specific date, that's great, but 'soon' or 'begining of June' are also fine.
Tell us about your Job.
Try to provide as much information as you can in the description. Remember you do need to do little bit of selling here. Why should someone work for you instead of another restaurant down the street? Do you make all your own breads? Are you daytime only? Do you provide accommodation? Any or all of these things are useful to a potential employee.
The more detail about the job you can provide or even about your restaurant, hotel or private cook position the more likely you are to get a good number of applicants.
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